Ted Roden

CEO & Founder, Fancy Hands
Ted Roden

Ted Roden is the CEO and founder of Fancy Hands, a subscription-based assistant service. Fancy Hands was born of necessity - as Ted was writing a web programming bible. Building the Realtime User Experience (O'Reilly), working full-time at the New York Times as a Creative Technologist in the R+D group, and adjusting to being a new father, he found that he needed help with the basic administration of life. So he built a software platform that enabled him to hire assistants to stay organized.

The interest in the service grew so quickly that Ted left his job to devote all of his energies to Fancy Hands, at first operating without any investors.

After raising capital in the winter of 2011, Fancy Hands was honored on Time Inc.'s list of "Ten Startups to Watch in 2012". Investors include High Line, Polaris, Patrick Keane, and Gary Vaynerchuk, while Alexis Ohanian (Reddit), Josh Abramson (College Humor), and Matt Meeker (Meetup) serve as company advisors.

Ted previously built enjoyosthin.gs and Blasted.app, which was acquired by Apparent Software. He was a developer during Vimeo's early days.

Ted regularly speaks to audiences about building their own businesses. He lives in New York with his wife and two kids.

Twitter Twitter: @tedroden