Michael Polzler

Managing Director, RE/MAX Europe
Michael Polzler

As Managing Director of RE/MAX Europe, Michael Polzler is responsible
for all areas of day-to-day operations including franchise management,
membership services, training, development, marketing and finance.
Michael works closely with senior department heads to strategically
position RE/MAX as Europe’s leading real estate organization.
Under Michael’s guidance and direction, RE/MAX’s
expansion throughout Europe continues unabated, with plans to achieve
double-digit year-over-year growth. The ultimate goal is to intensify
RE/MAX’s reach, presence and position in the European
marketplace through the sale and opening of several hundred new
franchise locations in the coming years.

Michael joined RE/MAX in 1986 and brings to the table 25 years of
diverse industry experience, including 12 years spearheading franchise
sales and membership services in both the United States and Canada.
Since 2000, when he was promoted to the position of Regional Director
and Executive Vice President of RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada,
Michael has grown the franchise network to over 350 regional offices
and more than 8,800 realtors. With a proven record of professional,
departmental and organizational accomplishments, Michael’s
wealth of knowledge and effective business management will continue to
ensure RE/MAX’ operational excellence both within Canada and
throughout Europe.