John Williamson

CEO, Ucloser
John Williamson

John is a passionate software entrepreneur and an aggressive innovator, focused on creating a powerful, intuitive information management platform for the real estate industry. John got his first glance into real estate investing while working as a consultant, where it rapidly became apparent that real estate transactions were complex, with many parties lacking easy access to information. In 2008 John founded Ucloser, LLC to focus on software opportunities in the real estate industry.

Under John’s guidance Ucloser has evolved from a simple document and transaction management system into a mission-critical business system for its customers. Rather than create a one-size-fits-all product that ultimately fits no one, John created a platform that allows each customer to tune the product precisely to their business. Ucloser provides each customer with a customized set of capabilities while operating from a single, shared software platform. Customers run the gamut from traditional brokerages to law firms, from specialists in short sales and REOs to national title companies.

Before Ucloser, John co-founded 3rd Dimension Design, a web development company that architected, designed and developed custom web-based software for corporate clients, including Gray Construction and CRST International. CRST uses the collaboration tool designed by 3rd Dimension to schedule and track over 1600 drivers, saving a six-digit sum annually relative to their older methods.

When sports news publishing network iHigh was ready to pursue a major expansion on the web, they chose John as the CEO of John presided over the creation and implementation of the business, which provides news, video and game broadcasts for high school sports teams nationwide, as well as customized websites for the teams.

After John founded Whiteboard Enterprises, a technology and business consulting firm that worked with businesses to fine-tune their business strategies, and to manage the development of their web applications. Whiteboard clients include, a national non-profit that deploys a custom web-based system to educate, test and certify new homeowners as part of the NeighborWorks America program.

John’s entrepreneurial roots are deep, extending back to painting and lawncare businesses he founded as a teen. During his college years John was President of the University of Kentucky Entrepreneurs Club, an active group that has spun off numerous young and growing companies.