Jochem Geheniau

Owner & Director, Fundamental Export; Founder & Board Member, Holland Gulf Chamber of Commerce
Jochem Geheniau

Jochem ‘Yogi’ Geheniau is a leading Dutch business developer, who assists international companies with getting access to high-level clients and projects in the real estate and infrastrucure sectors in the Arabian Gulf States: mainly Saudi-Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar. Through his pioneering approach he has helped many innovative companies with building their business in this fast developing region – ranging from famous architects to global suppliers of city lighting.

In 2010 Jochem founded the Holland Gulf Chamber or Commerce, which he developed into one of the largest private organisers of trade promotional events in the Gulf region.

The number of Gulf investors in US real estate growing rapidly. Jochem is making his network and previous experience in internet property marketing available to assist US real estate professionals with building profitable relationships with interested investors from the Gulf region. He looks forward to sharing ideas with you at Inman Connect 2013.

Twitter Twitter: @jochemgeheniau