Imraan Ali

Co-founder and CEO, NuOffer
Imraan Ali

Imraan Ali has been a Realtor in Los Angeles for 9 years. He thought real estate would give him freedom and time to raise a family. Instead real estate took over his life.

He was always on his computer, interrupted during family time to attend to client calls and spending evenings trying to catch up. Time became the most valuable asset to him because he didn’t have enough of it. Then Imraan was introduced to Kevin. Kevin was a gifted programmer who loved helping people by making tools. Imraan shared with Kevin big problems in his real estate business. Kevin came back a week later with an app for that.

Interested in feedback from other agents, Imraan started sharing the app with the smartest agents he knew in LA. The third agent was so impressed he wrote a check then and there to be an investor. The fourth agent who saw it wrote a check twice as large.

Imraan ended up sharing the app with hundreds of agents, buyers, sellers, brokers, managers, vendors, CEO’s, tech bloggers, Realtor Association Presidents, MLSs, IT people, coaches, attorneys, consultants and without fail everyone was interested.

And through his sharing of the app Imraan learned quickly that other Realtors had similar problems as him. And there were a lot of problems. Imraan then made it his mission to help Realtors SAVE TIME. And the Realtors believed so much in the app that Kevin and he made that the Realtors themselves invested over $400,000 in the project.

And NuOffer was born.